Drinking Water Quality Reports (CCR)

Consumer Confidence Reports (CCRs), also known as water quality reports or drinking water quality reports, provide you with important information about the quality of your drinking water. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires every community water supplier to provide a CCR to its customers.

Community water suppliers must provide CCRs to their customers by mail or online. If you don’t pay your water bill directly—for example, if you live in an apartment, condominium, or rental house where a management company pays the water bill—you may need to contact a building manager or landlord for more information.

Only community water systems that serve the same people year-round provide CCRs. If you receive water from a non-community system, you may need to contact a building manager for drinking water quality information.

People who get their water from a private ground-water well do not receive CCRs. EPA does not regulate private wells, so there is no requirement for a CCR as there is for community water systems. To learn more about safe water when using private well systems, maintaining private wells, and well testing, please visit CDC’s Private Ground Water Wells page.


2022 Consumer Confidence Report