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Animal control is a division of the sheriff's office. The division operates a shelter that impounds or harbors seized, stray, homeless, abandoned or unwanted animals. The shelter is operated under the guidelines of the Commonwealth of Virginia Board of Agriculture and Consumer Services at the direction of the state veterinarian, pursuant to § 3.2-6500. Additionally, animal control also has the responsibility to control the spread of rabies within the county.

Reporting Animals

Shelter policy requires all found animals to be reported as soon as possible. Many times animal control is able to quickly reunite a lost animal with its owner by checking the division's lost and found log. The best way to ensure your pet is returned is to have them micro chipped. Micro chipping is a safe, permanent way to protect your pet and is relatively inexpensive. 

If you find an injured animal, call the shelter or the sheriff's office immediately at 540-775-2049. An officer can be dispatched 24-hours a day for emergencies—just dial 911.

New Location

KGAC began operating at its new location in July 2010. On average, the Animal Control Officers handle 600 complaints per year. The shelter handles an average of 750 dogs, cats and livestock per year. The officers investigate and handle livestock complaints, in addition to dogs and cats. They also respond to wildlife emergencies. They do not handle wildlife nuisance calls or removal of dead wildlife.

The number of animals coming in has continued to increase as the economy continues to falter. The loss of homes and jobs has caused many to surrender their family pets. Many animals have not be spayed or neutered and this causes many homeless animals to end up at the shelter.

It is against the law to abandon an animal. Pets cannot survive on their own. Many animals are turning up loose or abandoned in remote areas. If you need to give up your pet, call King George Animal Control.

Tours & Outreach

KGAC invites the public to come visit. School group tours can be arranged in advance. Many local school children have done fundraising and food collections for the animals at the shelter.


Sally and Sadie Spade would love to come and do a program for your group, just contact the Animal Shelter for information, call 540-775-2120.