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Request for Residential Security Check

  1. In case of emergency, name of Contact Person.
  2. By submitting this form, you as a citizen or property owner in King George County, are requesting and permitting employees of King George Sheriff's Office to perform security checks of your premises. Please be advised that if an end date is not specified, this security check is effective for a period of 90 days. If duration longer than 90 days is required, it shall be the responsibility of the owner/ requestor to re-submit a request form or therefore notify King George Sheriff's Office in writing of the request to extend the duration. If notification of cancellation or extension is not received by this agency before the 90 duration is expired, the premise will no longer be checked for security.
  3. I request a security check be made on my above listed property and agree to notify the agency upon the security check no longer being needed.
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