What is the Real Property reassessment process in 2021?

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Most County residents have received or will shortly receive the Real Estate Notice of Change in Assessment from the Commissioner of the Revenue. The Notice is self-explanatory, but there may be some questions.


The law requires that the Commissioner of the Revenue reassess real property (land) every four years.


The Commissioner of the Revenue uses an independent third-party to conduct the assessments.


The reassessment is the new value of your land for years 2022-2025.


That value will be used in conjunction with the real estate tax rate to determine your real estate tax bill each year.


That is why the Notice states:  **THIS IS NOT A TAX BILL**


Your tax obligation will be determined once the Board of Supervisors sets the tax rate.  That will be done only after public hearing(s) and ample opportunity for public input and comment at public meetings of the Board of Supervisors.


When the reassessment process is completed, the Assessor or Board of Assessors will hold hearings. At the completion of these hearings, a Board of Equalization is established to review any complaints and possibly act on them. Once the Board of Equalization has completed this review, the only option is to petition the Circuit Court in accordance Section 58.1-3984 of the Code of Virginia. Please contact the King George County Court system for guidelines to proceed with this process.


If you have questions, comments or disagree with your assessment, please follow the directions on the Notice and/or use this contact:




Neither the Commissioner nor the Board of Supervisors can alter any assessment.

Only the assessor, the Board of Equalization or a court may alter an assessment.


If you have further questions, here is a link to the Commissioner of the Revenue’s FAQ page on the County website if you have further questions: https://www.kinggeorgecountyva.gov/FAQ.aspx?TID=17 


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