Departments H-Z

  1. Human Resources
  2. The Department of Human Resources is committed to providing services that support County's leadership and employees, enabling them to achieve their goals and the mission of King George County.
  3. Information Technology
  4. The mission of the Information Technology (IT) Division is to provide hardware and software information systems and technologies that enable County departments to accomplish their respective missions.
  5. L. E. Smoot Memorial Library
  6. Serving the King George County Community for over 50 years with books, resources, and events. Stop by and visit us today!
  7. Parks & Recreation
  8. View information regarding the work and activities of the Parks and Recreation Department.
  9. Procurement Office
  10. The Procurement Office is committed to providing the necessary resources that establish a foundation for quality service to the county and community.
  11. Registrar
  12. Our mission is to serve the citizens of King George County and the Commonwealth by being uniform in our practices for all elections; to provide easy access to registration and casting of votes within election laws and guidelines.
  13. Service Authority
  14. The King George County Service Authority was established in 1992 by order of the King George County Board of Supervisors to manage the water, waste water, and solid waste functions within the County of King George, Virginia.
  15. Sheriff's Office
  16. Discover the work of the King George County Sheriff's Office and their commitment to crime prevention and safety in the County.
  17. Social Services
  18. The overall mission of the King George Department of Social Services is to promote and enhance the quality of life for the residents of the County through locally administered State/Federal/Local/Private programs designed to support the economic and social self-sufficiency of families and to safeguard vulnerable children, the disabled and our elderly residents.
  19. Solid Waste & Recycling
  20. King George County offers free household waste disposal and recycling services to its residents at 2 County convenience centers.
  21. Treasurer
  22. Virginia's city and county Treasurers are the chief financial officers for their localities, collection taxes and local fees, and making payments on behalf of the local government. The Treasurer is responsible for every form of revenue which comes to his or her locality.
  23. VPI Extension Office
  24. Virginia Cooperative Extension is an educational outreach program of Virginia's land grant universities, Virginia Tech and Virginia State University, and a part of the USDA's National Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service.